tretch Ceilings offer a huge advantage to the marine industry with ultra lightweight design and smooth monolithic appearance. The sheet material weighs only 170 grams per square metre and will allow for substantial areas to be covered with very little intermediate support whilst accommodating any grille, sprinkler or light fitting.

The fabric is maintenance free, water impermeable and is offered with up to 50% perforation. Typically Stretch Ceilings are approved by MCA & Lloyds Register and carry MED certification (module B). The material is non-toxic, flexible, will not crack or flake, will move and flex with the movement of the vessel without rattling or vibrating, is quick and clean to install and can be fitted within 23mm of the existing soffits or ceilings.

Stretch Ceiling only requires fixing at the perimeter of each panel up to 30 sq.m, refurbishments can therefore be completed without the removal of the original ceilings and the associated time and costs.