Stretch panelling systems were originally developed as a lightweight covering for exhibition stands and display systems then evolving into wall and ceiling panel solutions. The lightweight robust material is ideally suited for exhibitions due to its quick and clean installation, large unsupported spans and variety of finishes. The material is approved to the new European Fire Classification.

The use of vinyl graphics or printing on the material will allow for company logos, contact details and images to be displayed on the material. In addition, images and logos can be projected effectively onto the face or even onto the rear when using the Translucent finishes.

Stretch can provide unique finishes and shapes with single panels available in up to 50 sq.m. The possibility exists for each season or exhibition venue to have different fresh colours or finishes whilst utilising over again the same mounting tracks.

The material is installed by our team of highly professional fitters to ensure the ultimate standard of care is taken to make your project successful. Maintenance and ongoing sheet operations can be carried out by stand personnel once trained.

The product has been installed on a number of exhibitions abroad including stands that have been dismantled and re-erected over a period of several exhibitions. The lightweight panels and minimal space when boxed makes Stretch Ceilings an ideal product to economically ship rather than the more traditional heavy board products.