The Stretch Ceiling system can be used within shopping centres to create unique shapes, suspended ceilings, free floating panels and other framed structures.

Single monolithic flat panels up to 50 sq.m in one piece are possible and by incorporating our semi concealed joining rails, Stretch Ceilings can be used over great expanses and therefore minimise the amount of background support work, weight and waste required as with conventional grid and tile suspended ceiling systems.

The Stretch Ceiling boasts extraordinary acoustic properties as the noise reverberation times are greatly reduced, this being a major issue in large areas such as Shopping Centres.

All of the Stretch Ceiling colours and finishes are designed to be as maintenance free as possible, they are hygienic, non toxic and fire rated to the new euroclass standard B s1 d0 in accordance with the EN 13501.1, equivalent in the UK to Class ‘O’.

A superb 81% light reflectance can be achieved with the use of the Matt White finish, reducing the requirement of artificial lighting or alternatively the Translucent finish can transmit approximately 75% light with any light source being used behind the membrane.

All facilities such as sprinklers, lighting, smoke detectors, speakers, directional signs and air-con units can all be incorporated within the Stretch Ceiling easily and without restriction.

The Stretch Ceiling is an ideal solution where there are weight concerns, the sheet itself only weighs 170g per sq.m as the membrane is only 0.2mm thick.

The product is quick and clean to install with no further decoration required as the Stretch Ceiling comes to site as a finished product. Life cycle and maintenance costs are greatly reduced due to minimal cleaning as it is very hard for dust, dirt and grime to adhere itself to the sheet. Once installed the Stretch Ceiling system is designed to be a long life product.

The Stretch Ceiling is fully accessible, easy removal and re-insertion of the sheet material can be carried out regularly by trained maintenance staff if required and standard access hatches or removable frames can be incorporated as and where necessary.