State of Mind, Index Show Dubai

Stretch Ceilings in Collaboration with ODG Designs:-

''We wanted our 3D Feature at Index to be a space where people can just take a minute and look at themselves. Reflect. Remember. A minute to congratulate you. You’ve come this far. Well done!''

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Stretch Ceilings ME Limited Stretch Ceilings, Fabric Architecture & Digital LED Back-Lighting Systems No1 Design, Manufacture & Install Experts in Dubai, UAE, KSA, GCC Supplying Stretch Ceiling Products to Approved Partners Worldwide

Brand:- Stretch Ceilings ME 
Company:- StretchME
Product:- Super Mirror, Lacquer Red
Finish:- Reflective Super Mirror 
Certifications:- Full European Certifications, Fire Rated B S2 d0 and CE Certified for Quality Assurance
Environmental Accreditations:- Emissions A+ and Recyclable