New Improved StretchME.... We have Re-Branded!!!

At Stretch Ceilings ME, we are deeply proud of our history and achievements over the last 20 years. We have done the ‘impossible’ time and time again, regularly delivering projects ‘against the odds’ and creating incredible architecture that has never been done before, pushing the boundaries with the most up-to-date technology within our industry.

We have worked hard at doing things better, by doing better things.

New product innovations in fabric architecture and performance fabrics, digital LED backlighting lighting technologies and dynamic visual displays, environmentally responsible and ethical products, digital printing with sustainable inks, hygienic fabrics for the modern world, and we are an active participant in design for wellness.   

We have worked hard to acquire new skills in design, technology, and engineering. We are a constantly evolving company for an ever-evolving and more demanding future. 

That’s why we feel ready for our brand to reflect our expanding abilities into a new era. 

I'm very proud to say we are still the same company. We are still the same people you know and trust, a partner to your creative process and a key member of your project delivery team, designing, manufacturing and installing the best new projects, with the best certified materials, and expert workmanship….. just with an extra bit of something new.

With you, we want to elevate the possibilities and make the extraordinary. I look forward to revealing everything very soon, and I hope you will celebrate this new development with us!

Steve Savage

Passionate about all things Stretch and MD.