Technical Information for Typical Stretch Ceilings

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Maximum Recommended Square Metre Size Per Sheet on Aluminium Tracks
Matt – 60 sq.m / Satin – 60 sq.m / Lacquer & Metallic – 60 sq.m / Translucent – 50 sq.m

Weight per sq mt
Matt – 0.18kg / Satin – 0.17kg / Lacquer & Metallic 0.17kg

Acoustic Properties DIN EN 20354 (ISO 354) – 100mm VOID
Absorption coefficients guide for typical installation using stretched materials with minimum 45mm insulation above.

Standard Non Perforated
Frequency (HZ)                   100    125    250    500      1k       2k       4k
Absorption Coefficient ( )   0.14   0.17  0.63    0.64     0.24    0.19    0.14

Perforated 250,000 holes / per sq.m
Frequency (HZ)                      100    125    250   500   1k      2k       4k
Absorption Coefficient ( )     0.15   0.18   0.68 1.01   0.79   0.70    0.61

Thermal Emission Factor NH/PTH
Matt – 0.16 / Satin 0.16 / Lacquer & Metallic – 0.15

Thermal Emission Factor ESPIL
Matt 0.84 / Satin 0.84 / Lacquer & Metallic – 0.85

Typical average for Lacquer – 4.10 at 11ohms

Light reflectance and transmission
Colour / finish     Reflectance % Transmission %
White Lacquer      78.8               9.6
White Matt              81                 9.8
Translucent           39.2               74.9

Fire Rating
Awarded new Euro classification to: EN13501-1, Rating: B S1 d0, UK Equivalent to Class “0” designation for building regulations.

Vapour Barrier
Stretch has gained awards from the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association – Vapour Tested NF EN 14716 § 4.1.3

Hygiene Typical Microbiological Trial
14 Days – chlorinated solution wipe after 7 days – inoculated Bacterium – E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Yeast, Mould – NONE DETECTED.

Ceiling sheet thickness nominal 0.2mm and is manufactured in roll form with ultrasonic flush welded joints starting at approx 1.5m centres. Plastic track can be heat bent to match curved profiles. Aluminium track is anodised to 20 microns with a serrated type to create curved profiles or to form three-dimensional shapes, domes or vaults.

Track is, screwed (& plugged) to supplied surfaces which should be rigid and true. Plasterboard should be skimmed and have a background member within, to take 12-15kg per linear metre tension. The jointing double track can be suspended using timber or MF metal studwork. Installation of the sheet requires raising of air temperature to approx 100ºF/38ºC using propane gas heaters by us albeit the site should be heated in winter. All adjustments and apertures for lighting, ducts and pipework are made on site. Silicone sealed tracks can achieve impermeable barrier, as required for swimming pools and asbestos containment etc. Decorated walls must have 1st coat applied and tiled walls must be grouted before tracking. Wall coverings should be applied after tracking. Care should be taken by other trades once the panel is installed to prevent damage. As the product is a fabric material a minor deflection may be apparent in some panels. We can accept no responsibility for any effects achieved.

Air Movement
All air handling within the installed area must be balanced to prevent ceiling movement and possible damage for pools. Handling equipment should not be run with covers off during servicing.

Use non-abrasive cleaners and polish with an evaporating cleaner to remove any streaks.

This product is covered by a 12 year Guarantee.

Stretch Aid
Stretch Ceilings prides itself on its dedicated maintenance and aftercare workforce, specialising in all Stretch Ceiling products.


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