Pools Specification

  • Type:- Stretch membrane sheet with perimeter supporting trim.
  • Supplier/Installer:- Stretch Ceilings ME Limited  Tel: +971(0)438 097 97                              Fax: +971(0)438 098 98  email: sales@stretchceilings.ae
  • Colour:- Specify from Stretch Ceilings colour card inc Ref. No.
  • Finish:- Matt / Satin / Lacquer / Metallic / Translucent.
  • Sheet:- Material fire rating to be verified as complying with new euroclass standard B s1 d0 in accordance with EN13501.1 equivalent in the UK to class 'O'. 100% Recyclable, Non-toxic, Panel width before a seam join is 1.5 to 2.17m. 
  • Track sections:- Anodised Aluminium/PVC Semi-Concealed Track
  • Frame sections:- Anodised Aluminium Semi-concealed Framing section.
  • Profile:- As indicated on drawings . Shapes and forms to be within SC guidelines.
  • Support System:- Typical suspension for double rail using galvanized MF system or similar.
  • Vapour Barrier:- Sheet to be water impermeable, tested to NF EN 14716 4.1.3 equilvalent to BS3177. Tracks sealed to perimeter structure with sealant.

Please note that the above information is only applicable to the Stretch Ceilings products.

Stretch Ceilings


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