BAE Systems, DSEI Exhibitions 

Friday, November 4, 2011 9:30:55 AM

Stretch Ceilings Limited has recently carried out an installation for BAE Systems at the DSEI Exhibition at ExCel, London.

Covering an area of 350 square metres of ceiling and 76 square metres of wall space our Pearl Lacquer finish was used in 38 ceiling and 16 wall panels.  The Pearl Lacquer membrane is highly reflective due to its glossy finish and not only complimented the other structures on the stand but provided an eye catching feature in which to show case the BAE Systems products.

Support work was incorporated into the ceiling panels for lights to be suspended. The lightweight robust material is ideally suited for exhibitions due to its quick and clean installation and for this project the frames were sheeted in the factory and then assembled on site.

CAD Tracks 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 4:36:11 AM

Brand new to the website this month is our Track Profiles in CAD format. Located on the Technical Downloads page these track profiles will assist in your design process.

Included in these track profiles is our new Slimline Aluminium Track System.

This new slimline system is approximately 40% lighter than our standard aluminium range which provides cost and environmental benefits in the shipping process for any overseas projects.

The Slimline track also reduces the void space above due to its height being only 20mm, whilst still being capable of holding the same amount of tension as our standard aluminium range.

New Acoustic Brochure  

Thursday, August 18, 2011 10:44:15 AM

Our latest Acoustic Brochure is now available to download on our website via the Brochure page and Acoustic page.

The brochure features numerous acoustic tests on a variety of Stretch Ceiling finishes and information regarding our Stretch MICROSORBER® Acoustic perforated sheet which features 250,000 perforations per square metre.

Should you wish to have a hard copy of this brochure please do not hesitate to contact us.


Snog Store, London 

Thursday, July 7, 2011 10:42:03 AM

Snog Pure Frozen Yoghurt on the King’s Road, Chelsea, is the latest store to open for this growing chain. The Snog store values are to be unique, innovative and evolving. Snog always advocates the best in interior design, graphic design, product design, art, music and fashion to create an exciting customer experience. Although there are generic elements to each Snog store the ceiling is always about innovation, eye-catching, entertaining lighting which is always different and fun.

Designed by Cinimod Studios the Ribbon Ceiling is made from CNC-cut mirrored panels with our Stretch Ceiling Cristal White Translucent membrane across the bottom and varies in depth and pitch. There is a “ladder” grid of individually controlled RGBW LED battens, specifically designed and fabricated, inside each ribbon, spaced at 13cm centres with 400 strips in all.

Stretch Ceilings were commissioned to supply and install 9 panels of the Cristal White Translucent membrane all of the same width and length which were fixed to the ceiling with our flexible side fixing perimeter track in order to achieve the wave affect. The Cristal White finish was used due to its light diffusing properties as the material diffuses 75% of light, combined with the use of RGBW LED’s this helped to realise the designers’ vision of creating more natural looking colours.

Mirdif City Centre, Dubai, UAE 

Thursday, November 18, 2010 9:50:00 AM

Stretch Ceilings were commissioned to undertake installations in two separate locations within the mall, the main entrance and the family entertainment area.

For the main entrance 28no. LightPod lumieres were suspended at a high level in the atrium of the shopping centre. The LightPods were constructed with our high performance Stretch diffuser to the underside, lit via high efficiency T5 cool white lamps for a brilliant even effect.

In the gateway of the main entertainment area we installed 210 square metres of our Matt White Membrane to create a feature curve. LED rope lights were used between each panel with LED up lighters installed around the base of the curve and angled up at the material altering the membrane appearance through colour change and enhancing the curve feature.

£74 Million College Campus 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 8:56:52 AM

Stretch Ceilings have recently completed an installation in the new £74 million college campus at South Cheshire College, Crewe, UK.

The main atrium and circulation space for the new South Cheshire College facility features classic Matt White Stretch Material mounted on our semi-concealed track system. Approximately 2,800 square metres were installed over a 10 week period encompassing major access issues due to the three staggered floor areas below and the weight limitation of the floor loadings.

The installation comprises of vertical panels into 8no. offset oval roof light openings and 47no. lightweight ceiling panels of approximately 45 square metres each set on the pitch with curved top and bottom edges. The atrium space, restaurants & meeting areas are lit by an ingenious series of light projectors & large mirror like discs accommodated at exacting postions on the Stretch Ceiling to ensure even light distribution.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abu Dhabi, UAE 

Saturday, July 17, 2010 11:43:54 AM

Stretch Ceilings were recently commissioned to supply and install Satin and Translucent Membranes into the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abu Dhabi, to close off the void in the atrium to ensure that noise and smells from the cafeteria did not transmit to the rest of the building and the dramatic entrance areas.

A Satin White Membrane was chosen due to its clean smooth finish. Below the Satin Membrane a Cristal White Translucent sheet was fitted to create a tent like structure which swept up to a central circular apex fixed by concealed aluminium framework positioned close to the underside of the Satin membrane.

The Translucent sheet was used to diffuse some of the light which was positioned at the perimeter bulkheads to add a small depth of light. The overall effect of the diffused light and the shape of the Translucent Membrane combined to create a feature design and a practical noise solution which was most welcomed by the Client and Architect.

AIS Members 2010 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 10:31:48 AM

Having been a member of the Association of Interior Specialists (AIS) for a number of years we are extremely pleased that we had the opportunity to showcase our installation at The Architects Registration Board whilst also using the project for an on-site assessment. AIS membership is not automatic as applicants are subject to strict vetting procedures every three years to ensure that they continue to meet the required high standards. The vetting procedure consists of a detailed documentary and financial review to ensure that the quality of materials, service and workmanship is of the highest standard.

Stretch Ceilings Limited is proud to have passed the rigorous vetting procedure and have our AIS membership certficate renewed.

Paule Ka, Dubai, UAE 

Sunday, June 20, 2010 10:32:23 AM

Stretch Ceilings have recently installed 3no. Translucent feature circles in the entrance area of Paule Ka Retail, Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue, as an exciting focal point in the shop to entice customers through the door.

The finish used was our Crystal White Translucent Membrane which transmits approximately 71% of light. Not only does this create an evenly diffused light source but the way in which the circles are positioned also emphasizes the products on the shop floor.



AJ Specification: Focus on Ceilings 

Sunday, July 12, 2009 12:00:00 AM

AJStretch Ceilings installation at the Saatchi Gallery was featured in an editorial of the June 2009 edition of AJ Specification.

The Stretch Ceiling Diffuser was chosen to create an “artificial sky” which will give the controlled effect of consistently even daylight, to enhance the appearance of the artwork within the exhibition.

Approximately 1000 square metres of Translucent Stretch Diffuser material was installed below high efficiency fluorescent tubes resulting in a controlled 75% light transmission.




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