Imagine the ability to capture a wonderful bright summer sky or the vivid colours of a rainbow indoors.

The LightPods are designed to be installed as a stand-alone dimmable luminaire or grouped together as modular fittings. This provides dynamic mood feature lighting or variations of white effects with the additional option of including the new well-being lamps.

Manufactured from lightweight aluminium, the unique design allows the bespoke LightPod to provide uniform DAYLIGHT, RGB, or RGBY digital light effects within the same housing. The LightPod control is via a dimmable system operated via handheld infrared remote control and can also be integrated into dimmable DMX or Dali systems.

LightPods can be supplied in a range of sizes and can be custom made to your bespoke requirements. LightPods can also be customised to any shape you require, from square to circular LightPods.

Due to the LightPod’s robust, light weight construction and plug and play technology, the luminaire is easily relocated and therefore ideal for temporary exhibitions, multi-function rooms, offices, retail and also vertical applications.

Lightpods can be supplied in a range of sizes from a 595mm sq TilePod to a 2200mm sq LightPod and can also be customised to an individual powder coat finish.

The TilePod is the smallest LightPod available and will fit into most ceiling gridwork.

We can offer this construction technology for any size lightbox, please contact our sales team.

Light transmission is in the region of 75%.

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