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The Stretch Ceiling range has a vast array of different colours and finishes which will allow you the opportunity to create tasteful renovations or stunning lighting effects.

The Translucent membrane has been designed to act as a light diffuser and will transmit up to 75% of light. Any light source can be used behind the Translucent membrane whether it is natural day light, fluorescents, or cold cathode. The material is available in several Translucent finishes which means that daylight or mood light effects can be achieved.

The Matt and Satin finishes are designed to look like a perfectly flawless plasterboard finish when in situ. The Matt White will reflect up to 81% of light and all the finishes can accommodate most types of light fittings.

The Lacquer finishes are highly polished and will provide up to 79% image reflection making it especially good for low height or basement areas as the mirrored effect can help to give the illusion of extra height. Wall and floor mounted up lighters are very effective when using the Lacquer ceiling to get the most out of the reflective finish.

The Stretch Ceiling is designed to be as maintenance free as possible. However, if frequent access is required then panels can be demounted from the tracking system or demountable panels can be incorporated.

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